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81% Of Unhappy Employees Fake Happiness At Work—Here’s How To Find Fulfillment

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Getty We’ve all heard the saying “fake it until you make it,” but hopefully, we’re not the ones faking happiness at work. Being in an environment that isn’t aligned with your personality, capabilities and values takes an emotional toll and, eventually, wears you out. I was recently talking to a senior professional who was in a similar situation. She had an extremely competitive compensation package and loved the team, but she had outgrown her industry and main job functions.

Sometimes we go along like everything is okay when something feels missing. I see this a lot. Ladders, a career site, recently did a study on employee workplace happiness. Here were some key findings: Faking happiness at work is common, with 81 percent of unhappy employees doing so.

4 in 5 managers said they could tell when employees fake being happy, and 52% of them wish the employee would talk to them about why they’re unhappy.

Employees who fake happiness admit being unproductive for over 15 percent of an 8-hour workday.

As a manager or high-salary employee, when you fake happiness, you’re more likely to: Not get enough sleep – 66 percent said they don’t get enough sleep as they should

Not have time for the people and things you love – 89 percent of those faking happiness at work felt exhausted at home compared to 5 percent of happy employees.

So, what do we need to be happy at work? According to Emma Seppälä, the director of Stanford […]

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