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Is your business prepared for the Coronavirus?

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Mar 1, 2020 at 3:01 AM

While we are all concerned about the health and safety of our loved ones in the face of the apparent inevitable Coronavirus pandemic, have you considered how your business will ride out the impacts of this rapidly developing threat?

Now is an excellent time to review your business continuity plan in light of the potential disruptions that may occur when the virus begins to spread in your local area, or areas where you have a physical business presence. To be clear, I am not intending to cause alarm. Rather, I am trying to offer some practical advice in light of the rapidly changing situation and the impacts we have seen in other countries.

Should the Coronavirus begin to spread where your business has physical operations, you will be impacted. Experts warn that we can expect mass transit and public gathering suspensions, school closures, travel restrictions and more, not to mention outright quarantines. Should any of these occur, the impact on your business operations will be felt and potentially with little advance warning.

I am not a qualified medical expert, but from everything I have read, the Coronavirus spreads very similarly to the flu. The output of coughs and sneezes as well as normal saliva exposure are believed to be the primary cause of spread. So washing hands frequently and wiping down public surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes are your best defense. Keeping unwashed hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth is also important. If you think […]

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