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Should You Allow Home-Based Businesses in Your Rentals?

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The remote workforce. The side hustle. The WFH SAHM. Even if you don’t know what these terms mean (the last one is work-from-home stay-at-home mom), they’re describing employment trends that impact how people occupy their homes.

And if you’ve got rental properties, then it may impact how people are occupying your homes as well. What are they doing, making, and selling out of the spaces that they pay for the use of but you have legal responsibility over ? How much do you want to know? The home computer station

With about 4 in 10 Americans working side hustles and a further 4.7 million working

remotely (as of 2017), it’s probable that some of your tenants will wind up turning the spare bedroom into a home office . If it’s a computer-based job, it’s hard to know, let alone regulate.

So if your tenant has a job in something like tech support, writing, or social media management and works from home, you likely have nothing to worry about. In fact, you might even count it as a positive, because they’ll probably be more available/flexible in the middle of the day. Neighborhood zoning and home-based businesses

Once the work-from-home business entails more than merely a computer, or starts bringing lots of customers to the front door, though, things get trickier. This is from a legal perspective according to zoning ordinances , but also from the standpoint of needing to get along with neighbors.

Neighborhood zoning is different from one place to the next. Some […]

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