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Remote working: Is it doing more harm than good?


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Over the last 15 years, the number of people who work remotely has grown by 159 percent globally, and in the UK 68 percent of businesses currently offer their employees flexible working, according to research by Merchant Savvy. Remote roles also lead the way in the technology sector, with 29.2 percent of remote jobs posted by companies from the IT sector worldwide.

While there’s no single factor that has driven this dramatic increase, a recent survey from social media management platform Buffer found that 40 percent of remote workers see flexible working as a key workplace benefit. Other cited perks include the ability to work from any location, and having more time to spend with the family. South_agency As child and adult social care costs continue to soar , flexible working has enabled many white-collar working parents to complete the school run or care for elderly relatives whilst working a full-time job, a concept that might have been unimaginable in the not-so-distant past.

As women continue to take on the majority of care-giving responsibilities , many are likely to find themselves shut out from the world of work if they’re unable to conform to traditional workplace ideals. Research shows that the tech industry will need at least 750,000 workers with digital skills to meet future demand. With almost two million women in the UK economically inactive as a result of caring commitments, the technology sector can’t afford to miss out on these potential employees with outdated working practices.

Furthermore, organisations that are […]

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