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6 Surprising Lessons I Learned at Disney World

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“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

pexels photo This past weekend, I took a family vacation to Disney World. It was an exciting occasion, because it was my daughter’s first time going, and it had been many years since I’d been there myself.

Over the years, I’ve revisited some old and new Disney movies with my daughter, letting her get to know the characters I once loved as a child. Now, as I look at them from an adult perspective, I find myself taking away similar messages I did as a child, but with an entirely new way of thinking about it. Some messages seem like common sense now, others I realize I never understood when I was younger, and some have echoed in my mind loud and clear throughout my life.

In Disney World, I watched as Mickey and Minnie danced around the stage singing about being yourself; I wondered how I missed that concept as a child. Wanting to be anyone other than myself when I was growing up, I somehow missed seeing that the Disney characters I loved were promoting the value of individual uniqueness. I overlooked my own value.

In the world of Disney, we’re told we can be anyone we want to be and do anything we want to do. We’re told we can have the life we dream of when we get older. As nice as that sounds for a child, it isn’t too bad to hear as an adult, either. It […]

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