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I am an entrepreneur who understands that you grow your business 10x through collaboration. I am interested in having weekly zoom meetings with a small group of entrepreneurs who wants to document their process from inception to implementation. The group will be structured to offer Master Mind sessions where we address specific “asks”, offer helpful apps, resources and can even offer each other help with web site creation, marketing or any other tools that brings your product or service into the market and structures the supports around it to succeed. I want creators to get on with the act of creating while we eliminate the barriers for creation.

We can leverage our unique-ability in the fields of copy writing, advertising, graphic design… and to get past the barrier of lack of funding, we can source out our needs to members of the group who can do the required task and instead of offering members money that they don’t have, we can offer a small percentage of the businesses growth within a 5 yr period.

If you are highly motivated and have laid out the fundamentals of your business but need that extra help to have a successful launch into the market, then lets build a group of doers.

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