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“Happier at work” will be the future: Burnout changed the game

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Childcare is one important reason for parental burnout Commuting and childcare are important reasons for parental burnout

Compared to working hours in the 1970s , four decades after, there is no change. Time spent on work remains today 40 hours per week. This is despite the complete change in the total picture of the society.

People spend much more of their time commuting . A study of the University of Texas cited that “In 2005, 3.4 million people in the US undertook extreme commute, doubling the number in 1990”, and even more today.

Time taking care of children has also increased. When I was kids my parents didn’t have to pick us up from school. “This was because there were not so many cars on the street and the school was in the village. I could walk home”, recalled Thuy C., a mother. “Now I have a lot of stress arriving at school on time after my working day”, she said.

These are among the important reasons for parental burnout . According to the New York Times , a 2017 survey by Kronos found that 95 percent of human resource executives think that burnout is hurting efforts to retain workers.

Burnout costs to the society, the economy, to family, to children and the next generation. Most people consider time for self and family and follow own passions are the main factor that determines their well being in today’s world. Digital economy makes people “happier at work”

Less burnout with time, geographical and […]

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