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Vomiting at Work Doesn’t Mean You’re Bad at Your Job

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Adam Voorhes

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Good morning! It’s me and I’m here: your new Work Friend, assembled from the frantically selected parts of expired Work Friends. Choire Sicha ’s blog-hardened heart; Megan Greenwell ’s Millennial fortitude; Katy Lederer ’s unorthodox spelling of “Katie” — all are united in the hideous yet undeniably proportionate form of me, a Millennial former blogger named Caity.

Like the monster of Victor Frankenstein’s creation, I have spent years learning to be human by eavesdropping and spying on strangers at work — and occasionally enumerating all my complaints in dramatic personal confrontations. As the creature beseeched his creator for a mate, so do I know what it is to simultaneously resent and remain beholden to a supervisor. The moment the doctor achieved his objective, he fled from his responsibility; several of my own bosses have lacked formal management training because of the deeply disorganized nature of media promotions.

For the next six months, I will confidently answer your questions without betraying the true depraved depths of my innermost thoughts — a skill I honed as a fitting-room attendant at Marshalls. I will analyze your co-worker disputes with the panache of one who has made lifelong companions and enemies both in offices and while working from home. I will prise you from the rigor-mortis grip of your anxieties and tell you what time […]

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