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How to Ease Into A Work From Home Benefit

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Whether due to traffic woes, difficulty focusing in open-concept floor plans , or just a desire for more flexibility, telecommuting and work-offsite benefits are increasingly at the top of employees’ “want” lists.

Businesses naturally want to attract and retain the best talent while also maximizing performance and productivity, but under some executives’ belief systems, working offsite and productivity are at odds with each other.

It may not have to be that way; in fact, in many organizations, less time in the office has been shown to actually improve productivity .

Microsoft Japan recently made headlines by introducing a four-day office workweek, which resulted in a 40% spike in productivity (measured by sales per employee). The initiative also tackled inefficient meetings and emails, both of which are chronic time sucks in any organization.

Your situation and results may not be that extreme, but here are some areas to evaluate as you consider implementing a telecommuting policy.

Type of Job/Function

Some roles easily lend themselves to telecommuting setups – especially when the employee is relatively independent, is not in a customer-facing or employee support role, and has highly measurable outcomes (programming, sales, or analysis, for instance).Other roles require an in-office presence most or all of the time. The receptionist who answers the phone and manages deliveries needs to be in the office. Same for the retail floor manager. In fast-moving organizations, key collaborators should be in the office to support the momentum of new initiatives. In the latter example, it’s possible that a remote […]

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