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Boost employee engagement with your wellness program: 6 tips

Boost employee engagement with your wellness program: 6 tips

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When wellness programs work, everyone benefits — with a ripple effect across productivity, employee retention rates and general morale. But cultivating a successful program with robust participation rates can easily rank as one of your most daunting challenges.

According to a recent survey of 2019 Benefit Trends from Willis Towers Watson, employers reported that low employee engagement with benefits programs was a major concern.

If your employees don’t understand or fully appreciate your wellness programs, they won’t benefit from any of the offerings. Here’s how HR professionals can get the word out and increase engagement. Take the Pulse of Your Team

Surveys and interviews are an easy way to dial into employees’ wants and needs for an employee wellness program. Wellness ideas could run the gamut: fitness reimbursement, an on-site gym, healthy snacks, mindfulness training and development, programs to support weight loss and addiction management, smoking cessation programs, etc.

Include your own suggestions, but offer space for employees to contribute their own. The key is to gather as much information about what challenges they are facing and try to come up with solutions to address those challenges. When employees have the chance to buy-in to wellness programs, they’re much more likely to participate. Increase Communication

The more channels of communication you have to tell employees about programs, the better. Consider town hall meetings, department meetings, and newsletters or emails describing the programs and the various ways employees can get involved. Stress the benefits of your wellness program and how it can employee […]

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