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A look at social media giant Facebook (plus advice for getting hired there)

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Facebook is the brand that kicked-started society’s fixation on social media. From major marketing campaigns, to social media influencers, to selling furniture you no longer have a use for, social media has become so much more than what it started as, but Facebook wants to remain as a tool for people to build communities and bring existing ones even closer together. So what does a company culture look like at an organization that is all about community building? Ladders spoke with Renee Albert, the Senior Director of Facebook’s Life@ program, to find out all about the company culture and get a look at the interview process.

Facebook rundown

Industry: Internet

Locations: The company’s headquarters is in Menlo Park, California, but it also has an office in New York, New York.

Founded: February2004

CEO: Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Mission: According to the company’s investor website , “Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” How much do Facebook employees make?

The average salary for a Facebook employee is $135,446 per year. Ladders estimates are based on our calculations. Facebook is currently hiring for a System Software Engineer on the AR/VR team to work in the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park. The New York office is looking for a Strategic Workforce Analyst to join the Mission Control team. View Ladders’ Facebook Jobs page for a full list of open roles and information on how to apply. Facebook company culture The company’s mission is to […]

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