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13 Considerations When Weighing New Office Policies

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Office culture doesn’t stagnate; there will always be constant change in how a business operates. Instituting new office procedures and policies as the company culture changes may mean taking some chances. Not all new plans are guaranteed to succeed, and some of them require considerable risk on behalf of the company.

If a business isn’t sure if a policy or proposal will turn out positively, then its implementation should be weighed carefully. Failure of the policy might mean minor or severe drawbacks to the business as a whole. For entrepreneurs who are looking to institute new policies, such as allowing pets at the office, 13 members of Young Entrepreneur Council examine the core considerations companies should make when evaluating the viability of implementation. Members of Young Entrepreneurs Councils offer tips for establishing new office policies. 1. Clarify The Decision Maker

The first and most important thing to consider is who should actually be making the decision in the first place. Some high-impact decisions may inevitably land on just the CEO, but others may require the input of the larger leadership team or the entire company. Next, I consider other essential aspects like if the proposal aligns with our values as a company and if it fits within industry norms. I personally don’t own a dog, so I may have been resistant to the idea of a dog-friendly office. However, within the framework of similar startups, it was clearly something we needed to consider, and we eventually adopted the policy. – […]

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