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Making the case for SMB workers’ compensation


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HR professionals that work for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face no shortage of challenges in their work. First, they’re often made to function as an HR department of one, managing every aspect of the business’s employment-related needs, from recruiting and training to onboarding and everything in-between. On top of that, they’re typically faced with significant budgetary restraints and management that looks to cut corners (and therefore costs) at every opportunity.

In the US, there’s one area in particular where SMBs are apt to do this. It’s in making the decision not to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover employees’ lost wages if they’re hurt on the job. According to one recent survey, an astounding 26% of US SMBs had made this questionable decision, many due to confusion over their state’s mandates and exactly what their liabilities are. As you may have guessed, it falls to HR to correct that by making the case to business decision-makers that workers’ compensation insurance is worth every penny. Here’s how to do it.

Learn the State-by-State Requirements

The first thing an HR professional must do to make the case for workers’ compensation insurance is to acquaint themselves with the specific legal requirements of the state(s) their company operates in. It may come as a surprise to some that the requirements vary wildly between states, and in some places, coverage isn’t legally mandated at all for certain small businesses. Most of the time, though, any business with more than one employee will have a […]

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