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How To Navigate Running A Business As A Working Mother

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(Image via Getty) Ed. note : This is the latest installment in a series of posts on motherhood in the legal profession, in partnership with our friends at MothersEsquire . Welcome Ryan Daugherty Sharp to our pages.

Six years ago, I transitioned from my law practice to become an owner/officer in the automatic door company that my father started when I was two, and ran until his retirement. I am clearly not the only attorney to move from the legal field to the construction world, which is riddled with daily negotiations and relies heavily on collaboration, organization, and timely flexibility. The only distinguishing factor for me is that I also happen to be a mother to three adorable, magical, messy, crazy, creative, and VERY energetic children. There are still, unfortunately, just not that many mothers in leadership positions in the construction industry. Further, because I entered both the ownership track and the “mommy track” at nearly the same time, I never had the practice and example of working for someone else while navigating parenthood. I basically started with a blank slate. I was — and am — simultaneously “allowed” to take whatever time I want off, make my own schedule, and set up my own rules about being a working mother, but I am also completely and utterly responsible for any impact any absence places upon our business, finances, and employees.

At first this was overwhelming for me, but over the last several years, I have grown to appreciate this […]

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