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Penn Hills couple says they are unfairly targeted in ‘familial discrimination’ case

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A Penn Hills couple is facing an expensive fine after being accused of discriminating against families.But the couple said they are being unfairly targeted.

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Most people know it is illegal to discriminate because of race, gender or religion. But some may not realize it is also illegal to discriminate against families.

Ed and Donna Rochez said they never knew that, and they never meant to discriminate against anyone. But now the state Human Relations Commission has the couple in its crosshairs.

“It has been a nightmare for over a year,” Donna said. All she and her husband wanted to do was rent out the duplex they own in Penn Hills. A previous tenant moved out because she said it was too noisy.

“She would call our home and say, ‘I hear the water running in the pipes, I hear the toilet being flushed, I hear the shower going on, I hear the lady talking on her telephone,’” Donna said.After she left, the Rochezs placed ads saying they prefer a single person but would consider two for the four-room apartment.“We decided, maybe if we just advertise for one person, possibly two, we could keep the noise where everybody could live comfortably together,” Donna said.She said they got inquiries from some “who call me on the phone and say, ‘I have a four-month-old and a two-year-old,’ and immediately I would say that won’t work, this house has a noise issue.”Some of […]

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