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New Report Reveals How Rollout of Gigabit Broadband Is Set to Transform Lives Across Europe

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Leading Economists say Next-Generation Networks will Bring About Major Benefits to Society

Healthcare Advances Enabled by Gigabit Speeds Could Significantly Improve Patients’ Lives and Save Thousands of Euros per Person per Year

BRUSSELS, Belgium–( BUSINESS WIRE )–A new report by the respected economists, Oxera, has revealed how widespread access to internet speeds of at least 1 Gigabit per second will lead to transformative changes in the way people across Europe interact, socialize, work and stay healthy.

The report, commissioned by the leading converged video, broadband and communications company, Liberty Global, details four key areas in which the mass market rollout of Gigabit broadband has the potential to dramatically improve lives: healthcare, commuting, social interaction and the environment.

It predicts that many social and economic benefits will result from the widespread rollout of Gigabit broadband, as increased connectivity changes the way people interact with each other by reducing frictions, which economists refer to as “transaction costs”.

Manuel Kohnstamm, Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for Liberty Global, said: “The expansion of Gigabit speeds at scale across Europe is essential to the growth of the economy and improvement of our daily lives, and the possibilities that lie ahead with the next generation of broadband are truly exciting. This report demonstrates how many areas of our lives could benefit, from cutting edge technology and advances in communications, to helping reduce CO2 emissions. And Gigabit speeds are just the start – Liberty Global’s network that is already in the ground across the continent will deliver speeds […]

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