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How to spot when an employee might have a mental health issue

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mental health 5 Mental health is an extremely personal thing. More often than not, it’s something most people like to keep to themselves if they are suffering – and this is especially true in the more formal world of work

CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article which originally appeared on Business Advice

People don’t like to talk about their mental health at work, for various reasons; this can be due to the fear that they could be seen as less ‘resilient’ than other colleagues, and less able to handle work stress or challenging situations. Added to this is the unfair stigma which still exists in relation to opening up about mental health generally.

This is why candidates often keep mental health issues under wraps during interviews and on-boarding processes; if this happens, things can get complicated, and harder to handle, if an employee finds their mental health issues flaring up at work.

Hiding their struggles only increases a sense of stress and unease and, before long, things can get too much, leading to prolonged and unexplained absences from work – or even leaving the post altogether.

Although the suffering employee forms part of a wider team, the ultimate goal is to reintegrate the person when they are feeling better, and with the right support.

Employers can and should want to prevent this from happening in the first place. They need to create an open and tolerant culture in relation to mental health in the workplace by being ‘clued-up’ on […]

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