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How to manage the time? 9 tips for effective time management

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We will understand how to manage the time . Because time management is important for not only an entrepreneur but everyone. I am going to talk about some principles, some tactics, and some tools. I’ve personally found these tools. It will be helpful to allow me to do all this extra stuff with my time. So let’s get started. Principle number one is something called the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule. You might have come across the general idea is that for “most things in life, actually, about 80% of the results come from about 20% of the inputs.” So I think Marie Kondo the whole minimalist tidy living minimalist home.

All that stuff has the thing that you know only 20% of your possessions are bringing you eighty percent of value and this applies to so many other things.

Like especially when it comes to effective studying often when it comes to exams that we take at school in university eighty percent of the marks are going to be coming from 20% of the content.

Like if you really understand that 20% of the content you can figure out how to get 80% of marks. read more

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