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5 Intermediate Social Media Marketing Tactics

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For anyone who wants to step up their online marketing, these are more intermediate to advanced tips, but no reason people early on in their entrepreneurial journey couldn’t try applying some of them

I’m sure some of you will find value in this post, if you need further clarification let me know, I’d be happy to answer any questions 🙂

(This is a fairly long post, so for those of you that prefer watching to reading, I also have a video about this: )

No. 1 – Better advertising campaigns

Particularly focusing on Facebook and Instagram. I am assuming most people can know how to run basic ads and use their pixel data, do retargeting etc. I find a lot of people are trying to do adverts wrong. Trying to sell from the get go, then retargeting trying to sell again, maybe even offering discounts. And that is understandable, but it is not a good approach.

It typically takes 7 different interactions with your business to convert someone from cold to a sale. 7! One or two ads just won’t cut it. And 7 different interactions, showing them the same advert again only counts as one.

For the sake of this we will only count ads as interactions, but any different interaction would normally count. So when you are setting up your campaigns you need to have this in mind. Think of it like a story.The first few ads, 1, 2, 3, they are creating the hook, laying the context, showcasing what […]

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