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A new home could save the mountain pygmy possum from global heating, scientists say

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Researchers studying fossil records say they have come up with an innovative approach to try to save the mountain pygmy possum, an Australian species under serious threat due to global heating.

Scientists from the University of New South Wales have used a new paper to argue for the translocation of the species from its current habitat in the alpine regions of Victoria and New South Wales into lowland rainforests.

While lowland rainforest would be a new environment for the current species ( Burramys parvus) , the researchers say fossil records dating back 25m years show other species in the Burramys lineage always occupied these areas. Birds are liberation that never ends. But enjoying their company is also to know an inconsolable sadness | Richard Flanagan

Read more The paper identifies fossil records found in what is now the Tirari Desert in South Australia, the savannah woodlands of Queensland’s Riversleigh world heritage area, and the savannah grasslands of Hamilton, Victoria .

The paper’s lead author, Mike Archer, a palaeontologist and professor of biological, earth and environmental sciences, said these previous populations thrived in these areas at a time when they were lowland rainforest communities.

“Until we started doing our fossil work, most people have had no real idea of the history of this endearing animal,” Archer said.

“The environment it’s surviving in now is going to collapse underneath them and the expectation from scientists has been they’ll go extinct due to climate change.“The fossil record is saying that a new approach may save these animals.”The […]

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