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3 Ways to Be an Awesome Remote Worker

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Working from home may seem strange at first. So many people have told me “oooh I could never work from home, I would miss the social contact” . But when you try it, you will realize that it is completely awesome and liberating. The trend in remote working is undeniable and currently, 40% of American employees have said they have worked remotely according to GreatWorkLife .

But it will only be great if you do it the right way. So here are three tips to help you ensure you do a great job from day one. 1. Be Crystal Clear On Goals

When working from home it is even more important to be crystal clear on your goals. Many low-grade managers typically want to micro-manage their staff and dish out small tasks one by one. When you are remote to your manager the only way of working is to understand your goals clearly. Know the outcome : Increased sales, better customer satisfaction rating, new products developed.

Measure the outcome : 10% increase in sales, 2-point shift on customer satisfaction, 3 new products developed

Know the timeline : 10% increase in sales in 6 months, 2 points on customer satisfaction in 12 months, 1 new product every 3 months.

Now that you are clear on your goals you need to keep your boss and team updated on the goals. If you feel you need support to achieve the goals, ask for support, from your manager or even your team. 2. Deliver […]

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