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How To Succeed By Being Your True Self At Work

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Getty Plenty of people who would never jump into the performing arts become actors as soon as they enter the workplace. They put on a work face that differs from the person they are at home, and while that might seem like an effective short-term strategy, it could actually contribute to burnout and hinder their job performance over time.

According to data collected by Gallup, 67% of workers report feeling burned out on the job at least some of the time. These overstressed employees tend to be 63% more likely to call in sick and 13% less confident in their work. In fact, burnout makes employees half as likely to bring up performance goals with their supervisors. When workers refuse to admit their burnout to managers and ask for help, they carry on with a business-as-usual act that only leads everyone deeper into a quagmire of reduced productivity, engagement and satisfaction.

Mike Robbins sees this as a result of the compartmentalization we expect of ourselves and our co-workers. In his book, Bring Your Whole Self to Work , he advocates shedding the veil between our personal and professional faces to change the way we feel about work and our part in it.

In a Forbes interview, Robbins declares , “Bringing our whole selves to work means showing up authentically, leading with humility and remembering that we’re all vulnerable, imperfect human beings doing the best we can. It’s also about having the courage to take risks, speak up, ask for help, connect with […]

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