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9 tools and apps that’ll make your life at work much easier

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Some people know how to manage their time, others completely lose track of it without accomplishing anything. Some people are productive in their nature, others are born procrastinators. But, we can all agree that at work, these differences just cannot exist because a minimum level of productivity and efficiency are required to maintain your payroll. This means upping your work game becomes vital to your survival.

That is why a vast array of tools have been created to make both work-life (and life in general) both easier and manageable. They lower stress levels, help people enjoy their jobs, and facilitate a bunch of tedious work.

Here’s a list of some tools, tech and physical ones, that were invented to help manage your work and yourself:

If-This-Then-That ( IFTTT ) is a tool that connects any and all of your most-used applications and devices to each other. A combined 630 apps work together to make the simplest and most complicated of tasks smoother and faster.

Here’s to a workday with fewer hiccups!

Time management has always been a major issue with much of the world’s population — from the beginning of high school to the end of someone’s career. The lucky ones are those who have their time managed to a T and have stuck with it.

Founders of Harvest realized they could create a website and app that would help all those “couldn’t find time to brush my hair” people. Not only can you track the amount of time it takes to complete one task, […]

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