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7 signs you’re wasting money

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Whether you’ve allowed ” lifestyle creep ” or you’re just paying for subscriptions you forgot you had, there are many ways you could be wasting money and not necessarily realize it.

Subscriptions to streaming services you don’t use or gyms you don’t visit may be draining your bank account.

Eating out more than you cook at home, shopping online for stuff you don’t need, and paying high bank fees are a few other ways you may be wasting money.

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Living from paycheck to paycheck is not fun, and not always necessary. Your rent, car note, and utilities are fixed expenses, which are difficult to lower without significant lifestyle adjustments. But the money-wasting habits listed below only require small modifications.

Take a look at seven signs you’re wasting money . Perhaps you can make some adjustments and still have money in your pocket days before your next paycheck arrives. 1. Your refrigerator is full of take-out containers

cglade/Getty Images There is a difference between food loss and food waste. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1/3 of the food globally and 40% of food in the US is lost along the food supply chain from the farm to the market.Food waste is what we put in the garbage. Both are bad, but food waste is something that we can affect immediately, helping the planet and our wallets. The first step is to increase the number of times you cook at […]

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