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The benefits of taking a break at work

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If you take a break, you are not being lazy, you are helping yourself to be more productive as well as looking after your physical and mental health. Here experts discuss why breaks are so important and suggest ways to take them without looking like you are taking the piss.

Why you need breaks

Science says so

Transformational life coach Richard Maule says: “Gone are the old ways of thinking taking a break is being lazy. There is now clear scientific evidence from the likes of behavioural scientist Nir Eyal that if we don’t take a break we will experience negative effects such as poor decision making, lack of focus and a dip in creativity. Humans are not wired to concentrate for eight-plus hours on end.

“Studies on when you need to take a break can differ depending on what activity you are doing. Most seem to sit around the 60-90 minute mark. The best way to tell is if your mind starts wandering away from what you are doing, this is because the brain needs time to consolidate new information. Give the focus muscle of your brain a minute to do this and relax for 10-15 minutes. After that you’ll be focused and back on the horse! Every two to four hours we should be taking a slightly longer break of around 30 minutes.“

Movement is medicine

Leigh Greenwood, founder of specialist health PR agency Evergreen PR, says: ” As the saying goes, movement is medicine and getting […]

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