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Quality of place important for economic growth

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FARMINGTON — Greater Franklin Development Executive Director Charles Woodworth provided Farmington Selectmen Tuesday, Oct. 22, with a summary of work being done politically and in advocacy, workforce development and marketing.

“We are challenged, have a shrinking or static and aging population,” he said. “Our opportunity for success is growth through retaining and attracting younger families to come here.

“The economy is shifting. You can live where you would like to and work from there.”

Woodworth said it’s about quality of place, increased property tax revenues for communities.

“Farmington shares a greater burden than the majority of surrounding towns,” Woodworth said. “If you spread it out to surrounding towns, it reduces the burden.”

Board Chairman Joshua Bell asked if there were things the town could tweak that would help with economic development.

Woodworth said Farmington has a dense population. He knows of two sites that would be great co-worker spaces.“Co-worker spaces are aimed at one-person shops. Those involved don’t want to work from home,” he said. “They like the socialization, the free flow of ideas, shared interests. They can split rent, copier expenses, all that stuff. It’s a phenomena that is gaining traction around the United States.”Farmington resident Amber Kapiloff said a co-worker space would be a great thing to bring to Farmington and could increase sales at other businesses.“It attracts people who work remotely. It’s huge to be able to get in to downtowns, network with other business owners or self-employed people,” she said. “Somebody going to their camp in Industry could come to a […]

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