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What Gen Z Wants At Work Will Blow Your Mind

Margaux and Tara at The Well

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Gen Z girls Margaux DeFelice and Tara Ellwood-Mielewski at The Well Summit in September 2019. Generation Z is starting to show up for work, and they’re bringing with them an entirely new outlook. Unlike Millennials, who typically buck tradition in the workplace and appear to be driving the flexible work revolution , Gen Z craves something very different. Stability.

“It’s fascinating to see that most adults think I would prioritize such things as being able to work from home,” says Tara Ellwood-Mielewski, 17, a senior at Rudolf Steiner High School of Ann Arbor, Michigan. “No one is more shocked than my mother when I say that I want a stable, 9-to-5 job.”

Ellwood-Mielewski describes herself as a dancer who loves science and has a passion for the environment. She plans to study chemical engineering in college next year, and she knows that her perspective on work might change in the future. But right now, nothing looks more inviting to her and her peers than a steady job in a stable environment. “The people I know tend to prioritize stability as a major want in our future workplace, and that’s true whether they plan to be an artist, a psychologist or a computer scientist,” she says.

She and her friends are not alone. “A lot of folks want to tuck Gen Z under Millennials and say they’re ‘Millennials-plus,’” says Anna Blue, co-executive director of Girl Up , a leadership development organization that teaches girls skills like mobilizing and organizing in their communities to […]

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