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Supporting Parents in Your Company

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Here are seven budget-friendly ways you can create a parent-friendly workplace.

Maternity leaves – and more recently, paternity leaves – are a normal and expected part of business. Because parents are some of the most dedicated and productive employees, it is important that they feel understood, accommodated and valued. Building a parent-friendly workplace can mean happier employees, better recruiting, higher morale and lower attrition rates.

While large corporations like Google and Facebook boast impressive (and expensive) benefits for parents, smaller companies are still trying to find the parental benefits that best fit their budget and needs. Here are a few ideas on how you can take your workplace to the next level to make sure that parents feel recognized and supported so that they can put their best foot forward both at work and at home. 1. Offer flexible hours and remote work

Parenting is not only time-consuming but also unpredictable. Ballet recitals, sick days and parent-teacher conferences are just a few things that a parent may need to tend to. A traditional nine-to-five work schedule can make it difficult to fit those in. With heaps of new responsibilities, a new parent in a fast-paced company may find it logistically challenging to juggle work with family life.

Implementing flexible and remote work policies is not an expensive perk, making this a particularly important strategy for smaller companies. By offering flexibility, working parents could, for example, leave early on meet-the-teacher day and make up the time by working through lunch or […]

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