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Find out the 26 remote jobs with salaries of $100K or more


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If a business supports its workers remotely, it seems a perfectly feasible general perception is that those remote jobs won’t pay in the six figures. But that’s actually not the case, according to a report from the job service FlexJobs. The company reviewed eight career categories, the majority in tech, that have potential to pay $100K or more per year. The pay rate is based on data from PayScale, and the majority of jobs are high-level positions that require higher education, and multiple years of experience.

If you’re surprised that someone who works remotely can be paid that much, you’re not alone. “Even though remote work is definitely increasingly , a common myth still persists that work-from-home jobs are scams or only available for very entry-level, specific jobs,” said Kathy Gardner, director of PR and media at FlexJobs. “The truth is that legitimate remote jobs are available in a variety of career fields and at every professional level. In fact, the average telecommuter is 46 years of age, or older, has at least a bachelor’s degree, and earns a higher median salary than an in-office worker.”

Full-time remote work has consistently been reported as the most desirable type of flexible work arrangement, so that leads to high-paying remote jobs being highly competitive and quite coveted. Career fields identified with high-paying remote job potential

Computer and IT

Computer Security

Engineering Marketing Medical Project/Product Manager Sales and […]

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