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Remote Work Key to Winning Battle for Talent

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New study finds flexible work models could help narrow the widening gap between workers and jobs and boost US economy by more than $2 trillion annually

The gap between jobs and skilled workers continues to grow. And it’s killing productivity and growth at companies large and small. But there is a way to narrow it. According to a new study conducted by the Centre of Economics and Business Research (Cebr) with support from Citrix Systems, Inc. ( CTXS ), companies that leverage technology to enable flexible work models can not only attract talent, but increase employee engagement and productivity, potentially boosting the US economy by as much as $2.36 trillion a year.

“The battle for talent is fierce and it’s hindering business growth and innovation around the globe,” said Tim Minahan, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Citrix. “This research supports the idea that, when harnessed correctly, technology that enables remote work models can empower companies to draw talent from new and untapped pools and leverage their skills to unlock innovation, engage customers and move their business forward.”

Tapping the Home Force

Through an online survey of more than 2,500 US knowledge workers conducted in July, the Cebr study sought to determine the potential value to the US economy of the adoption of a more widespread, flexible working culture. And it found that in offering virtual/remote work options and providing the tools to enable them, companies can better compete in the battle for […]

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