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Meet the 2019 Women Who Shape the State honorees

Women Who Shape the State 2019

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Strong, diverse, and determined are just a few of the words that embody this year’s Women Who Shape the State honorees. Through their leadership, these CEOs, philanthropists, doctors, politicians, entrepreneurs, and dreamers are breaking the Southern belle stereotype that has stigmatized Alabama’s women for far too long. They’re not afraid to raise their voice for what they believe in—and their words are creating ripples that, without a doubt, are ushering in a new wave of social impact.

“A strong education and the belief that you have every right to contribute to society in the same way as a man is something I’m always hoping to instill in young girls I meet through my work in the community,” says honoree Amala Duggirala, Regions Bank Vice President.

Working in a variety of sectors throughout the state, this year’s nominees share what it means to discover your dream and chase that dream unapologetically. From advancing education and medicine to addressing representation gaps in the political landscape, these 30 women personify a boldness that can be felt in both their speech and their actions. Each woman has a mission, and she knows that the success of her mission hinges on their ability to believe in one person—herself.

In the words of honoree DeJuana Thompson, founder of Woke Vote, “Negotiate nothing out of fear. It’s not that things won’t be scary or intimidating or overwhelming, but in that moment of figuring out what you need to do, it shouldn’t be from a place of intimidation. It should […]

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