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Can Virginia Democrats Win the State House in 2019?


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Kelly Fowler, D-VA Beach, addresses the members of the Virginia House of Delegates at the State Capitol in Richmond. (Bob Brown/Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP) Virginia Beach —Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy pulled into a nondescript Virginia Beach strip mall in her tricked-out purple and turquoise van at exactly 9 a.m. last Sunday. It was one more stop on her statewide crusade to support her sisters in the Class of 2017: the 11 women elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in the first sustained burst of anti-Trump electoral outrage, which heralded and also helped make possible the congressional victories of Virginia Democrats in 2018. A young multiracial team of volunteers tumbled out of the van, clutching coffee, looking a little sleepy, but ready to canvass for local candidates, including first-term Virginia Beach Delegate Kelly Fowler and her colleague in an adjacent district, Cheryl Turpin, who is trying to move up to the state Senate.

”It feels empowering to do my part to help women win everywhere in Virginia,” Carroll Foy told me modestly.

I’m sure it is, but it’s also a sign of strength: The first-term incumbent isn’t taking her Northern Virginia district for granted, she wants me to know, but the truth is, nobody is worried about her race. She’s become a statewide political star who is regularly mentioned as a likely candidate for governor in 2021. Carroll Foy has her own PAC, Virginia for Everyone, which she established to support “women, people of color, young candidates” — the kind of […]

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