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Why the holidays are ideal for collaborative tech and remote work

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As the holiday season approaches, the office competition for vacation days has begun. Those inclined to be organized planners have accessed the shared office calendar, in the hopes that they’ll be able to take time off, without compromising the office. Take the pressure off your employees, while continuing to maintain office integrity in a time when many businesses are working with half-staff. Use collaborative technologies to allow employees to work remotely from home during the holidays, said Becky Linahon, marketing director at TetraVX.

And as for which technology jobs are ideally suited to remote work, she says, “Honestly, all of them. With video calling, messaging, and real-time collaboration platforms, the previous need to be face-to-face has dwindled.” Collaborative technology, which TetraVx specializes in, Linahon says, “is the key facilitator of the growing remote work trend. It brings us into virtual conference rooms and gives us real-time access to our coworkers.” Holiday HR policies

Holiday joy can be severely curtailed by limited vacation days or holiday leave (especially for those who do not have paid time off/PTO, and must take days off without pay). Many “organizations that provide client services work have strict policies regarding how many team members can be absent on the same day, requiring that at least one member be available at all times,” Linahon said. “Remote work allows employees to travel or enjoy family time while still staying available and online during necessary business hours.”

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