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Why Remote Work Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

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There has been a lot of talk about a more aggressive implementation of remote workers to augment and enhance the existing workforce. This, in turn, has ignited passionate advocates and detractors to clash over their respective arguments. Though it warrants discussion to spur improvement, much of the hype is not really warranted.

The proponents argue that it is simply a product of the technological evolution of business, and opponents tend to argue that it lacks one of the most important factors in human capital management: human interaction. The theoretical and philosophical aspects, however, are not as important as the actual implementation and oversight.

The Rise Of Remote Work

One of the main reasons remote work is becoming more achievable is because of the evolution of technology and its deep integration into virtually all business disciplines. Not long ago, even the suggestion of implementing remote workers or teams would have been met with ridicule. Now, it is not only possible but it is also viable and practical.

With just a few readily-available tools, such as an internet connection, a computer, a project management program and video conferencing software, you can create a functional remote working station. Granted, some industries may require more elaborate setup for security purposes, but most businesses won’t.

The DNA Of The Remote Worker

Now that we know what it takes to set up a basic remote work station, we have to turn our attention to “who” and “how.” Who is well-suited to be a remote worker? Or is […]

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