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A Week in My Life: Peter Hookham-Miller, Founder of PHM Group

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PHM Group is an automotive marketing specialist with dedicated teams working for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as MG, Ford, Kia and Volvo, as well as their national sales companies and dealerships.

They specialise in supporting brands, increasing sales and the effectiveness of sales channels.

Peter Hookham-Miller, the Founder and owner of the company, takes us through a week in his life… Monday

It’s 3.30am when my alarm goes off on a Monday morning, the same as it does every day of the working week. That might seem early to some, but it allows me the time to have a relaxed start to the day before heading into the office.

At 4.30am I hit the gym. I find getting some physical exercise early in the morning really helps to clear my mind and leaves me full of energy.

After a quick shower, I leave to get to our office in Angel at 8am. As the founder and owner of a busy marketing agency, I need to be prepared for anything that might come up ad hoc, as well as our planned activity, so the first thing I do is run through my calendar and priorities for the week.

Today we have our monthly management meeting scheduled in to talk through any recent or prospective challenges, successes, new business opportunities, forthcoming pitches, and sales forecasting. This kind of structure helps to keep us aligned across all teams working on different projects. It’s also a great opportunity to bounce ideas off […]

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