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Monday UC Berkeley classes canceled due to limited power

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Marc Fisher, UC Berkeley’s vice chancellor for administration, and Alicia Johnson, director of emergency management, issued the following message on Sunday at 10:40 a.m.

Good morning. We are writing with an update about the PG&E power shut-off. But first, we must extend our best thoughts to employees who are themselves affected by the fires in Sonoma County or have family members who are affected.

PG&E disconnected power to the campus yesterday at 10:30 p.m. The adverse weather conditions (combination of heat and high winds) are forecast to persist through early Monday morning. PG&E estimates that they will begin inspecting power lines on Monday afternoon. Once that is complete, PG&E will begin the process of restoring power. Then, after power is restored, the campus then begins the process of reconnecting to the PG&E power supply. This entire multi-step process takes several hours.

For this reason, we have made the decision to cancel daytime classes on Monday. Instructors are encouraged to make adaptations whenever possible, according to their best judgement, consistent with campus guidelines.

Departments and instructors are encouraged to work creatively to make up the lost time or material by alternate means (as many are indeed doing already) rather than via rescheduled class meetings. Resources to this end are available through the Academic Innovation Studio and at the Berkeley Center for Teaching and Learning .

Whatever measures are taken should be implemented in a flexible manner that allows both students and instructors to adapt to their specific circumstances. Some scheduling conflicts (for example, with […]

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