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Local company seeking to boost skills of Guyanese workforce

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Marlon Joseph, founder of Professional Training, Employment and Consultancy Services Seeing the need for members of the Guyanese workforce to provide the best services that they can, a local company, Professional Training, Employment and Consultancy Services, has been working to help workers develop their skills and themselves in the process.

Marlon Joseph, who is the founder of the company, did an assessment of the services in Guyana and found that much needed to be done to ensure the workforce reaches a desirable place, particularly given that the country is poised to become an international player as a major oil and gas producer. This led to the formation of the company to train persons in the “proper” ways to not only promote a business but themselves.

As a result, the company has developed different courses, which are administered through workshops, to meet the needs of individuals who seek to develop themselves and their businesses. Its courses include conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and creative problem solving skills, and stress management. Participants at the workshop interacting with the hostess Sharon Houston At a recent workshop participants were trained in business etiquette and protocol. The hostess, Sharon Houston, emphasised that being an advocate for a business or company meant being composed and giving off a presence that will encourage others to want to conduct business with them at all times. She emphasised posture, attire and greetings to the participants.

Joseph noted that the importance of mental health in the workplace is among the issued being focused […]

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