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The Worst Financial Decisions People Have Made

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Financial mistakes — we all make them. We ruminate over money blown on useless junk, or money invested in ill-advised business ideas.

Fortunately, most of us learn from our mistakes and take careful steps to patch up our credit scores .

The folks featured in this Reddit thread, though, made some truly horrible decisions with money.

From wasted inheritances to 96-month car loans, these bad money moves are causing the following people to lose sleep, probably every night.

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Set your boundaries. My worst financial decision?

Keeping my brother, his wife and their two kids afloat for six months while he looked for his “dream job.” What a waste of money.
What was his dream job?To be honest I don’t even remember. He couch-surfed the entire time. 2. More family matters Blood is thicker than water, but sometimes they’ll bleed you dry.”MemoriesStocker | Shutterstock I would say my biggest financial mistake was agreeing to help support someone else and her children when I wasn’t in a position to do so.Letting someone else have control over your finances is a terrible idea.Watch out for yourself first before you agree to help anyone else.My credit tanked by nearly 200 points and I’m still working daily to recover from “trying to help.” 3. Bringing down the house Andrey_Popov | ShutterstockIs it a house or a sinking ship? I bought a home in 2006 that was in severe need of repairs.In retrospect it was probably a tear-down, but […]

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