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Work From Anywhere – Is Remote Working a Dream or Reality?

Work From Anywhere

Work From Anywhere – Is Remote Working a Dream or Reality? By 2019, the world has woken up to the reality that remote working is possible and the ability to work from anywhere is a reality. According to a study by Stanford University , people who worked both remotely and in a traditional setting concluded that productivity among home-based workers was equal to a full day’s work each week. In this post, I get to write about something I am genuinely passionate about. I am yet to find a bigger “Work From Anywhere Advocate” so I hope I’ve done this topic justice. We’ll start at the natural first extension of working from anywhere – home. If you’re already a step ahead, use the contents to jump to the best section for you. Working from home Often seen as the first stage of remote working, I’ve known people work from home since… As I was typing this, I was about to use my own example of a former colleague in 2009. I then realized that it wasn’t old enough to include and Milda didn’t actually work from home. She worked from a hired office below a dentist near her home. For a better example, I dipped into the freelance community. Freelancers have been remote working forever I’ve been a freelancer. I’ve hired freelancers. I’m a massive freelance advocate for a lot of reasons. The one most relevant to this post is they are able to work from anywhere and integrate […]

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