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‘It is breathtaking’; Lynchburg program helping first-time home buyers

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)– In a modest Lynchburg neighborhood, Karen Morton has realized her dream. Karen Morton, 53, always dreamed of owning a home. Nine months after enrolling in Lyn-CAG’s first-time home buyer’s club, she signed the paperwork and was handed the keys. Her two-story home has a picturesque view of the mountains and fall decorations line her front yard. Morton is just as proud of the inside of her home as she is the outside. In fact, she could not pick a favorite room. "I love them all," Morton said. She walked our cameras through each room calling the tour, "Karen’s grand tour, Karen’s hard-work." Morton is proud of her home because it is just that: her’s. The house just off Fort Avenue has made Morton, 53, a home buyer for the first time. "It is amazing. By the grace of god," said Morton. "It took a long time journey to get here, but I am finally here and I love my home." Morton’s journey was filled with rental after rental and more than $4,000 in credit card debt that she never thought she would pay off, until she met Denise Crews. "We look at every dollar they spend," said Crews. "We hold them to the fire." Crews leads Lynchburg Community Action Group’s newly revamped first time home-buyer’s program. The free program has been around for about 20 years, according to Crews, but last year she decided to change things up. The program used to be 18 months-long and […]

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