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My theory: Solve any challenge using this method

Hey, <WARRNING> I work here and I don’t know where else to ask this question. I have been working at a new startup for 2 months and my theory is this tool can give you the ability to solve any challenge. I created a test case using their marketing plan and a different case with Batman vs Joker to show this tool could be used for any challenge presented. But that’s naive of me, I need actually real-world data. If you have the time, can you have a look at their 6 steps and let me know if this is not suitable for your challenge ? I need cases where you can’t apply the method. I want an objective view because as far as I can tell its applicable to anything, even getting milk from the store. Which also makes it very easy to replicate and scares me a little. Thanks for your help in advance,

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