Roy Gilbert

Why women need to work


Affluence has led to many women choosing not to work, with adverse outcomes. It has now become fashionable in some women’s circles to not be a slave to the job that requires compromise, commute and hardship. Airports look like bus stations. Celebrations are grand. People own several gadgets at once. All trends that point to the fact that most Indian families are better off than they were even a generation earlier. The single biggest achievement of the liberalisation of the economy has been a higher standard of living for many households. Statistics bear out that claim. The phenomenon of adequate income in the household to meet most expenses and manage some savings, has led to one noticeable change—more women are choosing not go to work , if they can afford to. Afford is the operative word to focus on this week. While young women’s participation in the workforce has risen significantly over time, married women are increasingly falling off the employment curve, in what is seen as a burdensome responsibility of managing home, children and work. This is not a new burden. Many women who went to work in the earlier generations struggled through these problems. They also lived in more traditional households and did not compromise on their role at home for work. They struggled with the lack of reliable day care, limited transport facilities, and fewer choices to eat out and spend on help as the current generation of working women are able to do. Which is […]

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