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Unleashing the full potential of women in mining

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woman women Partners in Performance is an international consulting firm of business improvement experts. Its Africa practice focuses on the mining and resources sector, where consultants help clients improve safety, increase production, lower costs, and optimise capex. As part of Women in Mining Month, the Mining Review Africa team caught up with the firm’s MD and four of their female consultants. This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 8, 2019 Read the full digimag here or subscribe to receive a print copy here Skipp Williamson, MD The challenges faced by women in mining have changed noticeably over the past decade and most often for the better. Much of this is thanks to all the great women in the industry (women like Christine, Carmen, Ziningi and Katherine from Partners in Performance Africa), who are creating tangible, positive impact for clients and paving the way for other women to succeed and thrive. There is still a big challenge ahead of us in how to build on this progress and encourage much higher rates of female participation at all levels, including more women in senior positions, C-suite and Boards. Supporting women in mining is about more than just doing the right thing by all people – it’s about bringing a greater diversity of perspectives and skills to the industry. This, in turn, increases company capability, leading to improved productivity, making more room for innovative thinking, and ultimately increasing the bottom line. As a firm, we’re constantly striving to create this […]

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