Roy Gilbert

SURVEY SAYS: Working Beyond Regular Hours

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Do you work beyond your company’s regular work hours and if so, do you prefer to do so by coming in early, staying late or in some other way?” The majority of responding readers indicated they work beyond their company’s regular work hours, and responses were nearly even split about how often. One-third said they do all the time, 31.8% said they do much of the time, and 30.3% said they do sometimes. Only 4.5% reported they do no work beyond regular hours. As for when they prefer to work beyond regular work hours (if they have to or need to), “Earlier than the regular start time, either remotely or in the office” was selected by 38.5% of respondents, and “Later than the regular end time, either remotely or in the office” was chosen by 43.1%. Only 6.1% said they prefer to work on weekends, either remotely or in the office, and 12.3% have no preference and just work extra when they have time. While readers selected their preference in the second question of the survey, in verbatim comments many noted they work at other times as well. Some point out that working outside of regular hours can be more productive due to less distractions. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I feel like it all depends on the culture. If there is so much work that you are staying late all the time, then there is something else that needs […]

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