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[Offer] Website creation for Entrepreneurs

Hello Everyone, I am a student, and I have been working with a lot of people from this subreddit to build up a solid portfolio with websites built in most niches. I am currently working on the last few websites in the pipeline and thought of posting back again to find more work. I had posted twice earlier and got an overwhelming response and feedback. Secondly, I wanted to work for free. But the awesome people of this subreddit offered me money for the work that I do for them. Due to that, I am currently involved in two types of work: Users who have offered to pay for my work . To all those users, thank you. You have no idea how much difference that makes. I am trying to build them the best possible websites, with premium themes and fully premium plugins. A few of them were afraid of sharing login details, because of course I am a stranger on the internet. If you want their user id’s, I would be happy to share that via PM. Or show you the websites I am building for them. Users for whom I am working absolutely free . No questions asked. They clearly mentioned they don’t have a budget and would like my help, and I am trying to help them out. All I had asked them for was maybe some good feedback once I build up my portfolio. There is no ulterior motive here. Just plain and simple […]

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