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More men too now working from home

Vipashana V K & Reeba Zachariah | TNN Mumbai: Most presume that the HR policy of providing a work-from-home alternative is meant for and preferred by women. But data reveals a different story — a significant number of employees who availed this option were men. At Novartis India, 44% of the employees who chose the flexible work policy in 2018 were men. While at Capgemini , 50% of those who took the option in the last six months were male employees. Overall, 22% of Capgemini’s employees used the work-from-home arrangement since the programme’s launch in March this year. The India unit of the French technology services major employs over 1 lakh people. At Novartis, more than 50% of the employees made use of the opportunity in 2018. The pharma giant has over 8,000 employees countrywide. Capgemini India head (diversity & inclusion) Gayathri Ramamurthy said that both men and women from the company equally availed the flexi work option and that was an indication of a “social reality that flexibility is the requirement of all employees, irrespective of gender”. Infosys head (HR) Richard Lobo agrees with Ramamurthy. The Bengaluru-based IT giant allows employees to work from their homes for nine days in a month. “We have seen the policy used by all employees, irrespective of gender,” Lobo said. Employees work from home for a variety of reasons, like taking care of children or ageing parents, completing errands or attending to other works at home. “The work-from-home policy allows employees to […]

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