Roy Gilbert

How would YOU go about monetizing a Large Active Email list?

Hey guys, I’ve come into possession of a rather large email list of active and engaged online shoppers (80-100k). As many of you, I’m struggling to make ends meet but know with the proper guidance I can leverage this list into substantial financial return. A few ideas have crossed my mind: – Affiliate marketing: Advertising a product or service for someone through a site such as Clickbank and making 75% of the product’s sale. They mostly make their profit through upselling. ( Even a 1% conversion for a 30$ sale would be at minimum 800×30..) 24k dollars – Dropshipping: Starting a store through Shopify and using this list to market my product – Renting/Selling the list: I’m sure there are sites that could make this happen. I haven’t done any research and have no idea how profitable this could be What do you guys think? Anyone have any experience in this domain?

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