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Google Turns 21; Here Are the Top 21 Google Doodles Over the Years

Google is celebrating its 21 st birthday with a doodle that bears a testament to the year of its inception–1998. The doodle depicts a desktop with the older Google home page on a paper with the timestamp 27 September 1998. Google’s co-founders, then Stanford students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin had first published a paper about the prototype of a large scale search engine in 1998. Now, after two decades, it is undoubtedly the biggest search engine with around 24 million webpages and over a trillion search queries in a year. Besides its massive database and interesting solutions, its creative doodles have also become something that users always look forward to. But, what we don’t often realize is that it takes a whole lot of hard work and dedication to create a perfect doodle that we often disregard as little tricks. Over the years, Google’s Doodle team has created hundreds of dedications to mark our important days and to remember pioneers from across industries and each corner of the world. So to mark Google’s 21 st birthday, we have brought you a list of Top 21 doodles of all times to take you down the memory lane. Burning Man Festival Burning Man Festival was initially intended as a joke to let Google users know that Page and Brin were at the Burn Man Festival. The first-ever Google doodle was simplistic in nature and just included a stick figure behind the second ‘o’. But, it gave them the idea to […]

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