Roy Gilbert

Former employees from WeWork share stories about Adam Neumann running around barefoot, yelling at employees, and demanding cases of tequila

We spoke with sources who worked closely with ousted WeWork CEO Adam Neumann, and many told us about his habit of walking around barefoot. Drinking tequila and yelling were also common, they said. Scrutiny of Neumann and his leadership has intensified in the past few weeks after the We Company filed paperwork for an IPO. He stepped down as CEO on Tuesday. Business Insider talked to 20 people in an investigation into what it was like working under Neumann’s leadership as he grew We into one of the world’s most valuable startups. Read the full story: Sex, tequila, and a tiger: Employees inside Adam Neumann’s WeWork talk about the non-stop party to attain a $100 billion dream and the messy reality that tanked it Read more WeWork news here . Ask anyone who has worked closely with ousted WeWork CEO Adam Neumann and you will likely hear stories about him walking around barefoot. He walks barefoot in the office, people close to him tell us. He walks barefoot around the Hamptons, where he owns a home, people who have seen him there tell us. And he also walks barefoot around the streets of New York, according to a photo of him posted on Reddit. The photo was posted a day after Neumann resigned as CEO. And although the person who posted it said it was taken right before that news broke, we were unable to determine when it was taken. A person close to him tells us Neumann was […]

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