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Allianz Field turf will undergo hasty renovation

With the clock ticking toward three weekends hence when Allianz Field could host a St. Thomas-St. John’s college football game and a Minnesota United home playoff game, the new soccer-specific stadium’s grass field will be replaced starting immediately after Sunday night’s last home game. Pooling water and blockages in the stadium’s extensive underground drainage system identified beginning in July damaged grass roots in certain parts of the field, United CEO Chris Wright said Sunday. After extensive research, Wright said a decision was made to replace the field with grass from a Wisconsin sod farm, the same farm and product that is at the team’s Blaine training facility. Prep work was expected to start after Sunday’s game at LAFC ended. The current grass will be harvested Monday and Tuesday, the field leveled Wednesday and new sod laid Thursday. Wright said the team started a process in July that included consulting NFL and MLS teams about whether to reclaim the damaged areas or replace the entire field. He also said consultants have assured a three-week break between Sunday’s game and the college football game as well as a possible United playoff game is enough time to replace the field and have it playable by October’s third weekend. “There should be no problems having a really terrific surface for both games,” Wright said. “What is almost guaranteed is our team will play on a better surface if we do play at home rather than what they’re playing on right now, which is […]

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